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Tina Willgren *1972, lives in Stockholm

75% PAL Bars Horse
2005, 1:45 min, Sound, Colour



Tina Willgren?s video shows a 75% PAL Bars test image that is usually used to fine-tune the settings on a television screen. As the soundtrack comes on, the vertical coloured bars start moving up and down to the rhythmic sound of horses? hooves. This constant movement is interrupted by a pause in the test image. Suddenly, a loud ringing sound is heard, followed by agitated noises that seem to make the picture tremble and some of the bars fall down. 75% PAL Bars Horse works with playful elements from animation that arouse a variety of associations in the viewer, such as horseracing or a Western. But these are merely isolated, fleeting images that do not tell a cohesive story. The artistic realization is instead starkly abstracted here: unlike the way a film works, with sound as background to pictures, in 75% PAL Bars Horse, the picture reacts to the sounds. Robbed of visuals, the viewer finds himself confronted with the products of his own imagination. Tina Willgren reflects in her work on the contemporary culture of mass media by manipulating existing TV material and dissecting it into its elementary components. In this way she is able to unmask television as machinery for the imagination. [SW]

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