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Paola Vela

*1973 in Peru, lives in Lima PE
Studied Fine Arts at the Catholic University Peru PE

Exhibitions [Selection]

2008 I Berlinale Talent Campus. 58° Berlinale Film Festival, Berlin D
2007 XXIV Bogota Film Festival. III Anima.Cine Section, Bogota CO
2006 X Lima Film Festival. Digital Section, Lima PE


A Chinese Dream

A cat cleans itself while one hears the rhythm of a heartbeat. A music stand casts a bizarre shadow on the wall; a piece of paper with Chinese characters. All at once, the heartbeat accelerates and is finally interrupted by a dissonant chord. Vela´s video centers around a variety of different objects from China presented in a sequence of rapid edits, with contrasting light and shadows, and before a backdrop made up of rhythmic sounds. The objects remain motionless. The only movement is provided by the living cat and the distorted image created when a magnifying glass is held up. During the course of the film, Vela´s likeness is also distorted by this magnifying glass. In this work, the artist, who lives in Peru, confronts us with her Chinese roots. In the process, she plays with clich´s, such as Maneki Neko fortunes, Chinese lettering, and the sound of a gong. The viewer experiences a series of visual and acoustic impressions which lack any sort of coherence and narrative. Nevertheless, they tell a story, especially one about Chinese immigrants in Peru. Vela weaves together a network of objects and sounds, creating a fusion of sound and image: the acoustic images, which produce their own aesthetic, form an opposite pole to the rhythmic edits, which suggest an image that has become music. Nothing can be clearly recognized. Everything is possible. Like in a dream.

Viviane Huppertz

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