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Judit Kurtag *1975, lives in Amsterdam

Gy?rgy Kurtag Jr. *1954 lives in Bordeaux

Meet me t(here)

2004, 4:30 min, sound, colour


?A kaleidoscope of time? is how artists Judit Kurtag and Gy?rgy Kurtag Jr. describe their video Meet me t(here). This poetic metaphor conveys the aesthetic interplay of movement and music. ?This video is like a quartet? ? choreography, camera, editing and music all play equal roles. Expressive movement sequences, reminiscent of Tai Chi, are broken down into individual compartments using editing technology and a focus on hands and face. Variations in speed make the performer seem to pause in her movements, to repeat them, and then to continue in rapidly flowing, accelerated motion, while the blurred contours in the background dissolve into fields of colour. A reduced colour scheme underscores the video?s purist aesthetic. The contrapuntal structure of the music, which explores the relationship between timbre and various notes, captures the protagonist?s movements in the form of sound. The music rises in harmony with the speed of the images, each supporting and reinforcing the other. Despite its dynamics, the video exudes calm, balance and unity. (NI/JTG)




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